Session Rates

Below is a summary of session rates for 2-year olds, 3&4-year olds and school children using the After School Club.


The session rates are based on the following hourly rates:

2-year olds  £6.50/hour                3&4-year olds  £5.00/hour        School Children  £5.00/hour



We are also introducing a voluntary funding supplement of 70p/funded hour for 3&4-year olds.


In other words we are requesting a donation of 70p per funded hour claimed per week, up to a maximum of 15 hours. This comes to £2.10 per 3-hour funded session. The suggested donation will be added to your invoice.

This donation contributes towards snack, play materials, learning resources, consumables in general, varied activities, maintenance of the setting and more.


Please find below recent letter to parents explaining the voluntary funding supplement in more detail.


Paddocks needs your help - Voluntary Fun[...]
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