Home visits

Unfortunately, we are currently unable to undertake Home Visits. Please contact the office to discuss any concerns. Thank You 

What is the Home Visit?


Before children start at preschool two members of staff will make a visit to your home to meet you and your child. Your child’s key person will be one of the staff members


Why do we make a Home Visit?


Visiting you at home is a good idea because it is a place where you and your child feel comfortable and relaxed. When you welcome us into your home, your child sees us as friends. Children need to see that the people who are going to be caring for them are friendly and trusted by you


What do we do when we visit you?


We come to chat about your child and answer any questions that you may have about them starting preschool. We like to find out more information about your child and can help you fill in any forms that we need for our records. We will introduce the EYFS and discuss the vital role parents play in supporting their children’s learning and development. We will also discuss your child's individual needs for induction to our setting


When do we visit?


We like to visit you a week before your child is going to start. This is so that the gap between seeing us and starting preschool is as short as possible for your child. They see us in their own home and the following week they come to play with us at preschool.


What do other parents/carers say about Home Visits?


Parents/carers are usually very positive about Home Visits. They say that it helps their child settle quickly into preschool. It is also useful to start to build relationships with the adults at preschool, and to see them as people that they can be confident in, who are friendly and who will take good care of their child


You will be contacted about a Home Visit near to the time that your child is due to start preschool


If you have any questions in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us


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